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Global Banking Regulation: Q&A

Introducing FinConf 2019’s

FinConf 2019 is an extremely useful event. In general, there is a lot of misunderstanding about technology. Bringing together such an impressive list of experts will give clarity to participants, the public and policy makers to see the main trends in innovation and prepare for the near future.

Which trends do you see in global banking regulations?

In my view, the main trend is minimizing risks taxpayers will face in future financial crisie. Regulation to a large degree has still been reactive to the 2008 global financial crisis. Regulators around the world both on a global level, like the Bank for International Settlement, and national regulators are preventing taxpayers from bearing the costs future banking crises.
On top of this, there are more general trends about regulating new technologies and enabling commercial banks to prioritize long-term development over short-term profits.

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