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Dubrovnik Economic Conference

In the margins of the 25th Dubrovnik Economic Conference, organised by the Croatian National Bank in June 2019, Marko Škreb …

A quarter of a century ago, while part of Croatia was still occupied, Croatian National Bank started a series of International Conferences on topics relevant for transition economies.

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Macroeconomic Imbalances

It is a great honor for me to give closing remarks at this important Conference. However, it is a tough task after all those interesting presentations, papers, discussions etc.

The bad news is I am afraid that despite Einstein’s concept of relativity of time I would kindly request your attention for several more minutes of so called absolute Newtonian time.

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Will there be a ”new normal”?

Firstly, one would have to be more precise what is mentby normal in this context. By “normal” we usually considersome past “average” …

In economics and in monetary policy benchmarking is more difficult than in medicine or meteorology. There are a lot of reasons why standards in economics are more difficult.

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Independence Of Central Banks…

Initially the concept of independence of central banks was focused on the central bank’s monetary policy objective. Since the early 1990s was a broad consensus that for a …

It is my great pleasure to participate in your Symposium with the topic of the Session: “Fiscal -Dominance and Independence of Central Banks.” I would like to start with a caveat.

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The Faces of Convergence e-book is a collection of 34 short essays by people who made major contributions to the process of convergence in the countries that joined the EU in the three waves of eastern enlargement …


FinConf 2019 is an extremely useful event. In general, there is a lot of misunderstanding about technology. Bringing together such an impressive list of experts will give clarity to participants, the public and policy makers …


Ever since I started working in the area of Technical Assistance (TA) I have sometimes felt like a salesperson knocking on door to door and offering gadgets that no one actually wants. I have always wondered about that …

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